Keylogger Software

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KeyLogger Software is useful to check keystroke activities of your Family Members, Teenage Kids, Office Employees and other similar users in your absence. Runs in the hidden mode and easily records every character typed like login-passwords, composed emails, chat conversations, accessed web URL’s and other similar keyboard typing entries.

Software Features

  • Records each and every keystroke details including typed password, URL’s, emails etc.
  • Advance option to record keystroke activities in encrypted log file.
  • Log deliveries at specified email address.
  • Software runs invisibly (Stealth mode) and remains undetected in Add/Remove program list, Start up menu, Desktop shortcut icon and even from installation files and folders.
  • Password protected keylogger software.
Keylogger Software

Press 'Keystrokes Activities' button in left panel to view all types of Key-pressed details recorded by Keylogger Software.
Keylogger Software Working Procedure

Step – 1 : Report Generation

Keylogger Software

Click on 'Reports' button in left panel to view and generate keystroke activities report. Report can be generated in .html or .txt format by selecting date range and option to view 'Only Printable Keystrokes' or 'All Keystrokes'.

Step – 2 : General Settings

Keylogger Software

Go to 'Settings' in left panel then click on 'General Settings' tab in right panel to choose 'Hiding Option', 'Startup Option', 'Set Hot Key To Run Hide Program' and 'Run Program From Start->Run'.

Step – 3 : E-mail Settings

Keylogger Software

Go to 'E-mail Settings' in right panel to send log file by email on specified id. Software also provide option to send log after particular time or reaches to particular size.
(In above screenshot, log file will be send when its size reaches to 100 KB having all keystrokes including [break],[enter] etc., then software will start to maintain another log file).

Step –4 : Security Settings

Keylogger Software

Go to 'Security Settings' in right panel to add password for authorized access of software.